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Mark Skipper

Mark Skipper of Soundmark Studios in Virginia Beach, VA recorded two performances of legendary rock band KISS, July 24 and 25 2004, during the band's "Rock the Nation Tour" for an upcoming KISS Live DVD.

Mark explains the recording set up for the shows, "We were hired to record two nights. I was the production Mixer in my truck and handled all the VTR tape rolls and iso feeds, in addition to a few other million things. We ran alongside Record Plant's remote truck and grabbed their iso split feeds from stage. Because the scope of DVD remixing is so large, we recorded more than 16 crowd effects mics, in addition to the musical stuff on stage. 72 tracks of Radar, 48 tracks of DA98 backup. Six PreSonus M80 microphone preamplifiers were used as the front-end for 2 Mackie D8b consoles.

I ran a lot through the M80's. They really opened up the sound of the D8b. the recordings sounded very robust with loads of headroom. In such a dynamic show with so many variables, the M80s were a solid preamp solution because they can take a pounding, sound musical, and not spit up blood.

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