Luis Sancho “DJ Positive”

Luis Sancho, aka DJ Positive, has been behind the decks since 1987. It didn’t take long for his signature chilled-out, dub-tempered mixes to reach a sizeable audience. Sancho rapidly earned a residency at a prestigious club in Zaragoza, Spain, where he remained a staple for five years. During his tenure there, Sancho launched his own record store, Stress Records. When not running the record shop or spinning locally, Sancho toured Spain’s major clubs.

In 1990, Sancho started spinning off into the world of music production. He built a studio and began recording and releasing his own dub, downtempo, and trip-hop tracks. In 2003, he formed the Digital Analog Band, which was rapidly picked up by Cafe del Mar Music. Their debut album, “The Best,” was the first self-produced release from Café del Mar. “The Best II” and “The Best III” followed in 2005 and 2011, respectively.

Sancho is a recent Studio One Professional 2 convert, having made the switch from Logic Pro, which he had relied on for several years after jumping ship from Cubase. Sancho now relies on Studio One for every step of his audio work: recording, composition, mixing, and mastering.

“The performance of Studio One is far ahead of its competitors,” Sancho opines. “I love everything about it—its agility and processing speed, the low consumption of resources, and the quality of its audio engine. And especially the time-saving! Other DAW processes require many more steps to perform functions that are very easy in Studio One.”

As Sancho’s production process is quite sample-heavy, he is glad that Studio One provides him with tools ideally suited to this workflow. “One of my favorite features is Studio One’s perfect time-stretching,” explains Sancho. “I can use time-stretch along with the Audio Bend and Strip Silence features to fit my samples into a track however I need, with no loss in audio quality. Furthermore, I can audition samples and loops at the same BPM of my project, so I am able to hear them all in context with a single click. All of these features are fantastic and make it quick and easy for me to express my musical ideas. For me, Studio One is the number one DAW, and I use it for all my work.”

His musical history has shown that Sancho is a born collaborator, so it comes as little surprise that one of the features of Studio One that he highly recommends isn’t so much a feature as a community. “Use and investigate PreSonus Exchange,” Sancho advises. “I recently discovered it, and I feel wonderful! I am able to share my instrument and effects presets with other users, as well as sort other user uploads by rating, upload date, or category. It’s an incredible resource for collaboration and new inspiration.”

Sound Samples

  • Digital Analog Band Remember Then