Lincoln Brewster

Lincoln Brewster is one of the hottest singer/guitarist/worship leader’s in Christian music. In addition to his six award-winning solo albums on the Integrity Music record label, Lincoln has worked alongside many of Christian music’s talents including Michael W. Smith, Darrell Evans and many others.

Aside from being a monster guitarist, Lincoln also plays mandolin, drums, bass, keyboards and is thoroughly accomplished as a recording/mixing engineer as well as producer.  Lincoln has recorded and produced his last three solo albums as well as many songs featured on Christian compilation albums in his home studio surrounded by PreSonus gear.

“I recorded every single track of my last three albums through the DigiMax 96k,” says Lincoln. “All my vocals, all my guitars, all my drums, bass, everything – it gives me pristine audio quality and everything I need. I also love having the limiters on every channel to prevent any possibility of clipping. It just sounds great.”

Lincoln also uses the Central Station in his studio. “The thing I love about the Central Station is that it is completely transparent. The audio quality is fabulous. In addition to my control room speakers, I have one set of outputs from my Central Station run to my garage so that I can hook it up to my car stereo, because to me that is the ultimate test.”

Lincoln currently resides as worship pastor at Bayside Church in Sacramento, California. His latest release on Integrity Music titled “Today is the Day,” reached #1 in the Christian and Gospel genre on iTunes in September 2008.

Sound Samples

  • Today is the Day