Joey Z

Emerging from the New York underground scene in 1989, Joey Z has played rhythm and lead guitar for the bands Life of Agony and Stereomud. The two bands combined released a total of six major records— three on Road Runner Records and three on Sony Records—with combined sales surpassing the million mark worldwide.

Joey has toured all over America and Europe with Ozzy Ozbourne, Megadeth, KMFDM, Crazy Town, Anthrax, and Disturbed and has played shows supporting a list of impressive bands including Metallica, Green Day, Black Crows, Pixies, David Bowie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more. He has gained invaluable experience working with an amazing list of producers, including Don Gilmore (Linkin Park), Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains), Steve Thompson (Metallica), Phil Nicolo (Anthrax, Billy Joel), John Travis (Kid Rock, BuckCherry), and Greg Fidelman (Jet, Slipknot).

Joey’s background as both a recording artist and engineer has allowed him to explore audio recording from both sides of the spectrum. Now, with three records under his belt (Brand New Sin, Sworn Enemy, and ShiraGirl), he wants to be a world-class music producer. To help him get there, Joey chose PreSonus equipment.

“We all want killer sounding gear for the least amount of cash out of our pockets,” says Joey. “I believe the solution is simple: choose PreSonus. The quality you get is unbelievable for the money. When I opened my studio in 2005, (Method Of Groove, Brooklyn, New York) friends in the biz recommended PreSonus, and I’m glad I listened. The PreSonus Central Station is the core of my setup. Having the ability to reference from different inputs, as well as from different monitors, is crucial to my workflow and final decision-making. The sound coming through is crystal clear and I never seem to question where something needs to sit in the mix.”

Joey also wanted a first-class preamp. His choice? “Great recordings require great pre’s, and the ADL 600 is incredible,” he enthuses. “It’s my favorite studio piece; I have thrown everything at this beast! From blistering metal guitars and pounding kicks to the sweetest acoustic, it just seems to understand where I want to go and speak with a big, warm airy tone. With the switch able impedance even your cheapest mic will sound great. And when it comes to vocals, let’s just say the ADL 600 is perfect.”

Joey also enjoys his DigiMax 96k, which provides eight preamps and a Lightpipe digital interface. “It really sounds amazing and makes recording drums a pleasurable experience,” he explains.

The bottom line: Joey Z just plain loves his PreSonus gear. Why PreSonus? “I always feel confident when my clients are depending on me, and I never have to second guess any of my choices,” he replies. “I know for any individual recording, whether at home or in a pro studio, that feeling is priceless. Thanks, PreSonus, for all of your great products and support!”