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Joe Wilson

With his roots firmly set in gospel and soul music, recording engineer Joe Wilson has plenty of experience with excellent singers and smooth, tight bands. While an assistant engineer at BradleyHouse Music in Florence, South Carolina, Wilson had the honor of working with long-time session drummer and four-time Carolina Beach Music Awards "Engineer of the Year" winner Fred Shaw. There, Wilson recorded such artists as Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs (best remembered for their 1960 hit single "Stay") and popular, smooth-sounding soul/R&B "beach" band the SugarBees.

Wilson went on to found Drummerboy Studios in Florence, where he continues to focus primarily on recording, mixing, and mastering soul and gospel music. His smooth, warm sound has attracted clients from across the southeastern U.S.

PreSonus equipment is a big part of his sound. "I depend on PreSonus preamps on the road and for all of my big studio projects," says Wilson. "No other preamp gives me the smoothness and warmth that PreSonus preamps give, and PreSonus gear is afforable. The PreSonus Eureka, ADL 600, and StudioLive 24.4.2 are my favorites, and I'll choose them over gear from any other manufacturer. I'm currently using the Eureka preamp for vocals; that's a preamp every engineer/producer needs in their rack!"

Wilson tried the StudioLive 16.4.2 mixer and loved it. "It really gave me the sound and the hands-on experience that I was looking for," he explains. Since he uses his PreSonus gear for so many different things—studio recording, live recording, and live sound—the StudioLive 24.4.2, with its 24 channels, 10 auxes, and enhanced EQ and dynamics processing, was an obvious choice. "When I'm miking a stringed intrument or drums or even doing vocals, I have to have my PreSonus gear," Wilson insists. "And when I'm engineering a live recording, it's so convenient to just grab my StudioLive 24.4.2 and get to work. Now I am totally converting to PreSonus preamps."

Avid's release of Pro Tools 9 has worked out well for Wilson, a long-time Pro Tools user who wanted to stay with his familiar DAW but use it with PreSonus hardware. "The StudioLive 24 and Pro Tools 9 are a great combo," he maintains. "It's awesome for live recording and video."

"And," Wilson reemphasizes, "the sound quality is always there. There is no other family for me than the PreSonus family!"