Jars of Clay

Since the release of their multi-platinum, self-titled album, Jars of Clay has garnered numerous accolades including three Grammy® awards and a Dove® award. Over the past decade, Jars of Clay has produced fourteen studio albums and appeared on numerous compilation projects. Their music has been featured in ads for Coca Cola as well as several feature film soundtracks including “We were soldiers” and “The long Kiss Goodnight”.

PreSonus caught up with the band at the Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge, LA, while on tour to support their most recent album, Good Monsters. While on the road, the band will be using a FireStudio and two DigiMax FS along with a Sweetwater Creation Station, to record each show.

The recording set up begins with connecting all microphones and instruments on stage to a splitter snake. The splitter snake has two sets of independent outputs, one that is connected to the front of house mixing board and the other that is connected to the inputs on the FireStudio and two DigiMax FS'. Two room microphones are added to the recording system inputs to record the room and crowd. The FireStudio, 2x DigiMax FS, and Creation Station travels with the band in a 10U road case and is positioned at the side of the stage.

"We've been using PreSonus products since 1996. We are really excited to be able to record our shows with such a powerful and compact system," says Jars guitarist, Matt Odmark. "I can't believe we can get 24 great-sounding mic preamps and a computer system in eight rack spaces! Thanks PreSonus and Sweetwater."

The FireStudio / DigiMax FS / Creation Station recording system is connected directly to the stage microphones and instruments via isolated splitter snake. This allows the recording engineer and the front of house engineer independent signals coming from the stage.

Here's the input list for the recording:

Input List

  1. Kick Drum
  2. Snare Top
  3. Snare Bottom
  4. High Hat
  5. Rack Tom
  6. Floor Tom
  7. Overhead Left
  8. Overhead Right
  9. Bass Guitar
  10. Roland Keyboard Left
  11. Roland keyboard Right
  12. Korg Synth
  13. CP70
  14. Steve Electric Guitar
  15. Steve Acoustic Guitar
  16. Matt Electric Guitar
  17. Matt Acoustic Guitar
  18. Steve Vocal
  19. Dan Vocal
  20. Matt Vocal
  21. Charlie Vocal
  22. Drum Loop
  23. Audience Left
  24. Audience Right

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Sound Samples

  • All My Tears

  • Flood

  • Lift Your Hands

  • Work