Ivan "Vigilante" Muñoz

With three full-length albums, an EP, a DVD, and five tours to his credit, Ivan Muñoz, aka Vigilante, has been storming the ranks of the industrial-music scene since 2004. Hailing from Chile, Vigilante has garnered the admiration of fans well outside of South America, thanks in part to the global digital-music revolution—but also due to good old-fashioned touring.

Vigilante has brought his music to the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Spain, and beyond. Germany, in particular, has been a sort of second home for Vigilante. He was chosen to participate in Leipzig’s Wave-Gotik-Treffen festival in 2006 and 2010. Vigilante was also selected as the support band for the Chilean leg of Nine Inch Nails’ 2008 South American tour.

Vigilante employs his PreSonus FireStudio Project in the studio and his two FireBoxes and Studio One Professional in both live and studio applications. “I use the FireBox interfaces in conjunction with Studio One for my live performances,” says Vigilante. “I play my pre-recorded sequences, perform on some virtual instruments, and process my voice with different effects, which are automated in real time. The FireBox has never failed me because it’s very stable and robust. It’s also not too big; it fits perfectly in my live rig.”

“Something I recommend to PreSonus users is to not be afraid to use their PreSonus interfaces in live performances,” Vigilante claims. “I don’t need a live sound engineer to turn on or off my effects, as I do it all by automating the effects in Studio One.”

While the FireBox interfaces serve Vigilante well on the road, he has enlisted the FireStudio Project for album production. “The FireStudio Project is the centerpiece of my studio,” he says, “I use it to record and monitor every guitar, vocal, and synthesizer that I use in my productions. The flexibility of FireStudio inputs and outputs allows me to process the signals of my virtual instruments with external effects very easily, which is critical to my sound. My FireStudio outputs to Studio One Professional 2, which is where I do all my mixing and mastering. Studio One features an excellent audio engine, a very intuitive interface, and effortless integration with my FireStudio Project.”

“I like everything about Studio One,” Vigilante continues, “but especially its stability when I’m working with many tracks or with very demanding virtual instruments. I also appreciate the efficiency of being able to drag-and-drop my effects and VIs onto my tracks.”

“I just want to thank PreSonus for making products from an artist’s perspective,” muses Vigilante, “and for building them to last! What I like most about PreSonus, and what led me to use their products, is the reputation they have earned by building high-quality equipment at affordable prices. The audio quality and construction are both indisputable. A very important element that sets PreSonus products apart is that they have been developed by musicians.

“Keep up the good work, my friends!”

Sound Samples

  • Vigilante-Prison Break

  • Vigilante-The New Resistance