Although Rochester, New York, electro-rockers Ghostfeeder are all about blurring lines, these guys are pretty sharp. Ghostfeeder have firmly established their sonic territory by welding pop to rock with a white-hot electro-glitch blowtorch. The arresting result is a chemical wedding of big guitars; skittering, truncated beats; and a diverse array of synth textures, with singer/programmer/songwriter Derek Walborn’s lofty (and very human) voice soaring above the band’s digitally distressed foundation.

Once you’ve assimilated the sound, be warned: resistance is futile! The Ghostfeeder virus has infected fans, venues, and bookers alike. As of late Ghostfeeder has performed with national artists like Powerman 5000 and Filter.

Given the band’s bionic leanings, it’s only logical that they would discover PreSonus via the Web. “After doing a lot of research and filtering through dozens of online reviews, I settled on the PreSonus FireBox as the best option for my applications and budget,” Walborn recalls. “I haven't looked back, and I know I have gotten at least one friend to purchase one as well! I use the PreSonus FireBox as an interface in my home recording studio, and when it's time for the band to play live, it leaves the comfort of home and joins us onstage. It allows us to play our backing tracks off of our MacBook and also send a custom mix/click track to our drummer's headphones.”

Ghostfeeder’s live rig deserves some special attention, as a band as unique as this requires a very particular setup. At the time of this writing a FireWire-to-heart-and-soul adapter is not readily available—though rumor has it PreSonus is working on that.

“Our setup is a little unorthodox,” Walborn explains. “We set up our backing tracks so that the front-of-house mix is panned 100% to the left. We then pan our drummer's mix, including click track, to the right. We run our backing tracks into the FireBox and out of the left output to send the signal to the front-of-house/stage monitor mixer. We then run a separate mix from the headphone jack on the front of the box to the drummer so that he can hear his mix through headphones. Our FireBox and laptop are mounted next to our drummer on a custom-built tripod rack that holds everything neatly in place.”

It’s clear that Ghostfeeder could not operate this way without the PreSonus FireBox. In fact, Walborn has gone on record to declare his PreSonus FireBox the fifth member of Ghostfeeder, alongside Walborn, Jeff Butler on drums, Myka Yott on bass, and Luke Dangler on guitar.

“The FireBox alone has made me a PreSonus customer for life. I like that it’s a heavy, solid product. It feels invincible. It reliably does its job night after night. I know when it comes to needing new gear I will be looking for anything with the PreSonus name on it to fulfill my needs and exceed my expectations.”

Sound Samples

  • Ghostfeeder-Just Like That