German Schauss

German Schauss is a speed demon. If you want to hear some serious shredding, he’s your man. The July 2008 issue of Guitar World listed him as one of the fastest guitarists of all time. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Schauss teaches at Berklee, Los Angeles Music Academy, and other national and international music schools, and his books, articles, and videos for Mel Bay Publications, Alfred Publishing, and National Guitar Workshop’s “Workshop Live” provide clear, practical instruction in modern rock guitar soloing. His monthly guitar column "Instant Shredding" is a popular feature of Germany's biggest guitar magazine, Gitarre & Bass.

Although Schauss loves shredding at Lightspeed (his band’s name), he’s much more than a six-string slinger with nimble fingers: ASCAP awarded him the Plu$ Award for writers and composers in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. Like most composers, Schauss owns a project studio, where he writes and records music for commercials and video games, produces tracks for an assortment of artist, and, of course, produces his own music.

And as with many discerning project-studio owners, PreSonus gear is at the heart of his rig. “When I was in dire need of replacing some components of my studio, a friend of mine who is a great producer and composer in New York recommended the PreSonus FireStudio (26x26) and ADL 600,” he explains. “I checked them out at my local dealer and talked to some people at PreSonus and found that the PreSonus staff’s knowledge and professionalism were extraordinary. So I bought the ADL 600 and the FireStudio, including the optional MSR remote control. I have also worked with the BlueTube preamp and Comp16 compressor.”

Ah yes, the ADL 600. A lot of top producers and artists swear by it. We asked Schauss why it was his favorite mic preamp, too. “The ADL 600’s neutral yet warm sound properties makes it one of the best mic preamps for almost any application,” Schauss replies. “Its built-in features are extensive and easy to use. With the gain and input-impedance controls, you can dial in the perfect setting and tone for any type of recording. The simultaneous mic, line, and instrument inputs are very convenient, not to mention the high-pass filter. And of course it has phantom power, a 20 dB pad, and polarity inversion. I use the ADL 600 not only as a mic-preamp but also to warm up my stereo bounce. It's great for giving your ‘in the box’ mix some authenticity and warmth.”

Schauss also has become a serious fan of his FireStudio interface. “With its expandability and great solid-state mic preamps, the FireStudio is one of the finest FireWire interfaces on the market,” he insists. “It has a wonderful, responsive, warm sound, and the extra auxiliary channel is great for hooking it to a CD or tape deck for mix comparison. The optional MSR remote control gives you quick hands-on access for tracking and mixing, and the Universal Control software makes routing easy. And these great features and high quality come at a price that doesn't break the bank. But the most important thing is, the FireStudio makes recordings sound awesome! And on top of that, PreSonus' products are build rock-solid and the support is great. All of that, and compatibility with virtually any DAW on the market, makes this one of the best products available.”

Sound Samples

  • German Schauss - Soul of Light