Full Turn Church

Full Turn Church Turns to StudioLive

East West Church in Marietta, Georgia, has a well-earned reputation of being atypical — a place that’s popular with folks who might not otherwise go to church. The forward-thinking, all inclusive congregation is led by Pastor Alan Mushegan, Sr. and Denise Mushegan, Harley enthusiasts for whom dressing in their Sunday best might mean rolling up in full biker leathers. East West’s fast growing congregation has spun off several outreach satellite churches, and not surprisingly, none of them are boring.

Full Turn Church in Dallas, Georgia, is Mushegan’s youngest associate church, led by Pastor Alan Mushegan, Jr. Originally established as a portable house of worship, Full Turn celebrated their fifth birthday by moving into their first permanent home. The 500-seat sanctuary is outfitted with new audio and video systems, including a pair of PreSonus StudioLive™ 16.4.2 digital consoles. As Kent Morris of Canton, Georgia-based Cornerstone Media Group explains, Full Turn wanted their audio system to be powerful, but uncomplicated.

“They needed a console that was easy to operate, even for people who had never operated a console before,” says Morris. “They’re working with mostly volunteers — plumbers, carpenters, working-class people — most of whom have little if any technical experience. The StudioLive console gives them a very analog look and feel and a workflow that’s very organic and easy to grasp.”

“They were originally talking about wanting a more expensive console, with moving faders and total recall,” says Morris. “But when we started showing them all the advantages of the StudioLive — the built-in DSP, iPad remote control, mixing monitors with QMix™, multitrack recording with Capture™ — that caught their interest. And when they heard how good it sounded, they were sold immediately.”

The church has gone with two StudioLive 16.4.2 desks, linking them together for 32 channels. “They were a bit too early for the 32-channel desk but linking the two 16-channel desks together gave them everything they needed,” says Morris. “They’ve got a pretty straight-ahead rock band, and they need a lot of inputs. They’re old-school rock and roll, and other than the worship leader, they all use wedges. So the QMix option is perfect for giving them individual control of their monitor mixes.”

The StudioLive’s onboard processing also enabled them to forego budgeting for outboard gear. “They’re using all the effects in the console,” says Morris. “No racks of gear, which means a smaller footprint at front-of-house position, too.”

Morris adds that Full Turn are no strangers to the StudioLive. “They had been using a StudioLive 24.4.2 console when they were portable,” he explains. “They’ve now installed that desk in the youth room. They kids use more in-ears, so the 24-channel’s 10 auxes are well suited to how they work. And the uniformity of the StudioLive means that anyone who can operate one can operate them both.”

With only 3 days to install the entire system, including RCF line array and 24-foot video screen, Morris reports the church is thrilled with the results. “They had services this last Sunday, and they were really happy. They love the sound quality, and the StudioLive gives them everything they need without breaking the bank.”