Franche Coma

Franché Coma is the original guitar player for the legendary punk band, The Misfits. In 1977, Franché and company began showcasing their distinctive sound and style on the road inspiring a number of other artists and an undeniable cult following. Around the same time, they recorded Static Age, which was not released until the late ‘90s.

Shortly after recording Static Age, Franché left The Misfits to play guitar with another band called Active Ingredients, while The Misfits regrouped. After two years and two releases with Active Ingredients, Franché took a hiatus from recording and performing music, though he remained close to his former band mates.

In early 2005, Franché completed construction of his new project studio, which may be available for outside projects in the future. For now, he remains focused on producing new material of his own. To that end, Franché designed the control room with flexibility and efficiency in mind, which is why he installed a Central Station and CSR-1 remote.

He said, “The unit is great. It allows me to A/B between near field and mid field monitors, bring in the sub or turn it off whenever I want. All of my components are going through the Central Station, including the headphone amp and CD-RW (analog and digital) in a complete loop – allowing me to listen back in digital or analog from the CD-RW. The best part is the remote. Whatever you can do on the unit, you can do on the remote. This is great, because it is at your fingertips all the time. It makes the job of the engineer a breeze.”