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If you haven't heard of Evick yet, keep your eye out for them. They will most likely be playing in a nearby town soon. Evick is a VERY hardworking rock band from Washington DC. In 2003 they tallied 179 shows, 44 clubs, 33 cities, 9 states, 1 hit single, an endless supply of Jagermiester and countless tales of rock and roll debauchery.

Evick is also a big PreSonus fan using mulitple PreSonus pieces in every show. Band leader Pete Evick says, "We are heavy PreSonus users and abusers. The Digimax is used for mobile live recording Inputs, and live drum applications. The FireStation is everything. I monitor through it. I use it as a preamp for direct bass and guitar, as well as a line mixer input for my synths and V-drums, light piped into my pro tools system. You cannot beat that. The Eureka is my vocal preamp - the absolute smoothest thing I ever heard, mind-blowing, how that thing sounds. Our current single Savannah, that is at CHR and HOT AC radio and doing great right now, was all done with PreSonus gear. Every input on it was PreSonus. And then we used the SPDIF outputs of the FireStation to monitor and mix through. As soon as Central Station is available we will be using that as well."

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