Metal bands don’t usually get much mass-media recognition in Brazil but Eminence is a noteworthy exception. This hard-working band from Belo Horizonte (about 275 miles north of Rio de Janeiro) built a large national following that spread overseas, leading to an invitation to Brazil’s nationwide Skol Rock competition, where the band finished third despite competing with far more mainstream pop, blues, and rock bands.

Founded in 1995 by guitarist Alan Wallace, the quartet currently includes Wallace, vocalist Bruno Paraguay, bassist Bernardo Gosaric, and drummer André Márcio. Ronny Matos handles their engineering chores. The band’s most recent album, The God of All Mistakes (2008) was produced by Tue Madsen (Halford, Mnemic, Dark Tranquility). Their sound is extreme metal, with growling vocals, power chords, heavy riffs, hard-driving drums, and relentless aggression. But sometimes they surprise you with a synth intro or a clean unison backup vocal.

PreSonus products are an important part of Eminence’s sound, both live and in the studio. “The Blue Tube is a killer preamp, great for live performance, especially for singers” notes Wallace. “It gives you a really warm sound and compares well with some much more expensive preamps.”

The DigiMax 96k multi-channel preamp is another band favorite. Márcio uses it on his drums for live shows, and Wallace has used it to record vocals and drums on multiple recording projects. But his favorite preamp for recording vocals is the Eureka.

Eminence is currently preparing new material but will be back on tour in September 2011, with multiple dates in New Zealand and Australia. So if you’re a metal fan Down Under, check their Web site for dates.

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  • Eminence - The God Of All Mistakes

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