Dirty Dozen Brass Band

For over thirty years, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band has boldly forged the traditions of New Orleans jazz with the modern influences of Bebop, Funk, R&B and Pop, creating a new standard by which all other New Orleans groups, brass band or otherwise, are measured. The Dirty dozen are tireless travelers, maintaining a continuous touring schedule that has taken them to over 65 countries on 5 continents serving as a bridge between the past and present of New Orleans rich musical history.

For their most recent tour, The Dirty Dozen relied on PreSonus’ FireStudio to capture each performance. Combined with two DigiMax FS 8-Channel preamps and Sweetwater’s Creation Station, the Dirty Dozen used a splitter snake to split the signal between the recording rig and Front of House console. With this simple yet powerful setup, the band has been able to record every show on their nationwide tour. Recently, PreSonus met with the Dirty Dozen at Chelsea’s bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Watch the video below to check out the set up and some clips from the show.

The FireStudio / DigiMax FS / Creation Station recording system is connected directly to the stage microphones and instruments via isolated splitter snake. This allows the recording engineer and the front of house engineer independent signals coming from the stage.

Sound Samples

  • 2nd line

  • Saints go marching in

  • The Dirty Dozen medley