Demetric Collins

L.A. based musician, Demetric Collins has worked as a Producer, Drummer or Engineer for artist such as Philip Bailey, James Brown and the Commodores. Demetrics’ experience and expertise has supported projects for companies like Capitol Records, Motown and Sony Music, as well as several movie and film scores. In his studio, Demetric uses an ADL 600 and DigiMax LT for everything from vocals and drums to saxophone and bass.

“I play drums on a lot of movie and film scores, and I recently sent a few drum tracks that I recorded through the DigiMax LT to a friend of mine. When I told him what I used, he couldn’t believe it. He was amazed to find that I was not using a higher end preamp. The DigiMax LT really gives me the sound I need. It works perfect for keyboard and drums and has been my secret weapon for a long time.” Collins continues,

“The ADL 600 is the workhorse of the studio! I’ve used it for bass, guitar, vocals and saxophone and the sound has stayed consistently clear and warm. Rarely do I have to EQ. You want to the vocalist to sound like the vocalist and this doesn’t add colors like other preamps. The ADL 600 is one of the greatest preamps to come on the scene in a long time.”