De’Miyon Hall

De’Miyon Hall has been playing drums professionally for nearly a decade accompanying some of the world’s most profound platinum selling artist and is currently touring with the legendary Gladys Knight. When not on the road, Mr. Hall produces and engineers sound recordings.

Some of De’Miyon’s latest recordings include Joshua’s Generation Music for All Seasons and Dorinda Clark-Cole Take It Back. De’Miyon Hall recorded David Blakely’s organ pass for the track “Make Me Real” on the Take It Back album using the PreSonus FireStudio and combining the FireStudio and Eureka mic pre to record everything from vocals to drums for the Music for All Seasons record.

“There are many microphone preamps on the market today. I have tried a lot of them from the high end recording situations to the garage recordings,” says De’Miyon. “ I found myself frustrated with what I was getting sonically, I needed something that could handle any recording situation, then my friend Jerry Henderson introduced me to PreSonus. I grabbed a Eureka mic pre and the FireStudio and I must say I have never heard anything that produces such consistency. It’s like magic, no matter where your recording.”