David Haynes

Working with award winning artists such as Stanley Jordan, Lee Ritenour and Les McCann, jazz drummer David Haynes has developed a worldwide following. His unique style and virtuoso chops have been displayed on numerous recordings, videos and live television appearances with artists such as Prince, Percy Sledge and the Weather Girls. David also maintains a rigorous touring schedule, playing to packed audiences in clubs and venues across the globe.

Aside from his acoustic drum kit playing abilities, David has also made his mark in the world of electronic music with his virtuoso finger-drumming techniques with a MIDI-driven drum machine. David’s preview of his finger-drumming has garnered in excess of 20,000 hits to his Myspace page, as well as over half a million hits to his videos on You Tube.

Back at his studio in Atlanta, David also works as a producer on his music as well as the music of several artists. He uses a PreSonus DigiMax LT eight channel preamplifier connected via ADAT lightpipe to Digidesign’s Digi 002, and a PreSonus FaderPort for quick automation and transport control.

“The DigiMax LT is a work-horse in my studio. It sync’s perfectly with my 002 and always sounds great,” says David. “Also, since it’s only one rack space, I can keep my recording rig mobile in 4U rack-case so I can record anywhere.”

“The FaderPort has cut my workload in half! I can work Pro Tools much faster since I don’t have to use my mouse as much. Also writing automation with the fader is more musical and creative. I dig it.”