David Crowder Band

The David Crowder Band recorded their most recent album Rememdy using the Central Station, the ADL 600, and the FaderPort. Remedy hit number one on the iTunes Christian Album Chart in November of 2007.

David Crowder Band drummer/percussionist B-wack used the PreSonus Central Station for drum loop programming on Remedy.

“The Central Station has really good converters. I noticed a huge difference when I switched to the Central Station converters from the Digi 002,” says B-wack.

Mixer/producer Shane D. Wilson recorded the David Crowder Band using the PreSonus ADL 600 and FaderPort.

“We have made extensive use of PreSonus gear on this project. Since this is a remote recording situation for me in an environment that’s not necessarily entirely a recording studio, the PreSonus gear has come in real handy,” says Wilson. “PreSonus, we love you. We could not make the David Crowder Band records without you!”