DJ Zany


DJ Zany Throws it Down Hardstyle with Studio One

Known to legions of hardcore fans as DJ Zany, Raoul van Grinsven is one of the founders of Fusion Records. The Dutch label’s roster includes some of the hottest artists in hardstyle electronica, including B-Front, The Pitcher, DV8, Frequencerz, and Donkey Rollers.

In addition to a hectic calendar of live dates, van Grinsven maintains a busy schedule in the studio as producer behind several of Fusion’s artists, as well as his own work. His DAW of choice: PreSonus™ Studio One® Professional.

“There’s no other DAW that’s as fast as Studio One,” says Zany. “Everything I need to do is as simple as drag-and-drop. The user interface is so intuitive, it’s almost like it reads my mind.”

Studio One’s powerful effects editing is a huge asset for loop-based production, he explains. “One of the things I really like about Studio One is the ability to use as many plug-ins on a channel as I want. And I love the way I can use the Event FX to choose just the parts I want to use an effect on. If I’ve got four different kick drums, I can use different processing on each of them, or I can take a loop and use a particular effect for just a few bars of it, to really make it my own.”

Studio One’s browser-based loop selection puts all of your libraries within instant reach. “I use the browser to find the perfect loop for a track, and it automatically stretches it to the right speed,” says Zany.

“When I record vocals, I really appreciate having the Strip Silence function,” he adds. “It’s perfect for getting rid of all the empty spaces: detect, select, and apply!”

But of course, the most important thing is the sound, and that’s where Studio One wins, hands down. “I really don’t know why, but Studio One really does sound better than every other DAW,” says Zany. “When I play back a track in Studio One, it’s got more depth, more headroom, and more power than any other DAW.”

Several of the tracks from DJ Zany’s latest release, Planet Zany, were created entirely within Studio One. “I switched over to Studio One during the making of the album,” Zany explains. The release is available on his Web site: