DJ OutSource


Jeff “DJ OutSource” Fletcher's frenetic, emotive drum-and-bass-flavored productions have endured well beyond drum and bass’s mainstream heyday in the early ‘90s—which seems fitting, given the genre's futurist leanings. Perhaps the music of DJ OutSource is resonating today simply because the world was not yet ready in 1998, when Fletcher began producing and DJing in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

After five years spent honing his craft and developing his signature amalgamation of ambient synth soundscapes with crisp, edgy drum production, Fletcher relocated to Los Angeles and began to hustle work, cold-contacting L.A.-area music supervisors and production companies. Eventually, he was selected to score two television series, and today he's scoring for such clients as CBS Sports, The Discovery Channel, Court TV, TruTV, and Nintendo.

Fletcher has chosen PreSonus Studio One Professional 2 for his composing and production needs, and he is quick to explain why—and how!

“I was on the search for a new easy-to-use DAW that was stable when handling my plug-in instruments, while offering a slick user interface,” Fletcher recalls. “I felt my previous DAW was not letting me push my music to the next level because I was getting frequent crashes whenever I added certain VST synthesizers. It made me feel very limited, and I found myself compromising and having to bounce a lot of MIDI tracks avoid the frustration of crashing, which is not good. Having to restart my computer in the middle of a song session because of software crashing can kill my ideas, creativity, and overall mood. Based on my frustration with my previous DAW, I began searching for a new solution that would let me make the music I wanted without any limitations.

“I compose music for TV, so I did not have time to waste with learning a new, confusing interface. When I tried Studio One Professional 2 for the first time I felt right at home; it was perfect! I was amazed how clean and organized the user interface was. I instantly got inspired and started working on a tune. I was equally amazed at how well Studio One handled all my VST instruments without any problems or crashes. After my first session with Studio One, I knew there was no turning back for me. Ever since I've been producing with it I have complete freedom knowing I can create my music with no limitations!”

When prompted for details, Fletcher is quick to share, and it seems there's no end to his flattery. “What I like most about Studio One is its slick and well-organized user interface,” he explains. “There is nothing confusing or distracting in Studio One. The cool color scheme of the interface is easy on the eyes, which helps me with long sessions. There are not a lot of unnecessary windows in my way while creating music. I can easily view my mixer and browser but can also get them out of my way with a click. It's the most efficient user interface, and lately I noticed other DAWs trying to incorporate a similar look!

“Studio One's key commands have sped up my workflow, which results in me creating more music than I ever have before. Using the key command "D" for "duplicate,” instead of copy-and-paste, speeds up everything for me, from drum editing to arranging full songs.”

“The PreSonus Native Effects™ plug-ins are great,” Fletcher continues. “I love the Pro EQ, Room Reverb, and Beat Delay. I use these plug-ins in every song I make. Pro EQ has a real time-frequency spectrum. This helps me make quick adjustments while EQing and speeds up the final mixdown process.

“A tip I give to new Studio One users is to take advantage of the spectrum meter in Pro EQ. My overall rule as I’m creating music is to cut the high frequencies from the low-end sounds like bass, and cut the low frequencies from the high-end sounds like hi-hats. With Studio One’s Pro EQ spectrum meter, I can easily see unnecessary frequencies that I might not be aware of. This helps me create a cleaner overall sound by removing muddiness.

“My experience so far with Studio One has been amazing, and I have accomplished great things as an artist and composer. I’ve been using it for two years now, and it has never crashed on me once—which is unbelievable to me! It’s only on the second version, and it’s already perfect. I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for PreSonus and Studio One,” Fletcher muses.

“It feels good to know that regardless of what music project or opportunity comes my way, I am able to accomplish anything quickly, without any problems or limitations.”

Sound Samples

  • DJ_OutSource-Destination.mp3

  • DJ_OutSource-Plazma.mp3