Cesium 137

Isaac Glendening (pictured at right) and Matthew Cargil formed Cesium_137 in 1998. Experimenting with various forms of dance music, the duo began performing at various nightspots in Philadelphia. They were uninterested in being grouped into the emerging "rhythmic noise" scene. Instead, they drew inspiration from classical forms, while maintaining a passion for original sounds. Finding a common interest in progressive electronic music and pop song structures, Cesium_137 put together a demo for Tom Shear (Assemblage23) and later recorded a demo that Shear produced.

After adding live drummer, Vincent Guzzardo to the line-up, Cesium_137 began recording an album with producer, Daniel Kesserich. While recording, they caught the attention of Tonedeaf Records, who signed them to release their debut, Advanced/Decay. It contained remixes by several underground artists. Remixes of "Language Without Lies" and "The Fall" prompted Side-Line Magazine to dub it "a revelation" in the field of EBM.

After Matt Cargil left the band in 2001, Cesium_137 signed on with the legendary industrial music label, Metropolis Records. The band worked only with notable producers and engineers, to ensure quality and an array of production options. More than half of the 2004 album, Elemental was produced by Cesium_137. The remaining songs were produced in conjunction with Soundwave2000 Studios (Finland), Danse Macabre Studios (Germany), Andreas Meyer (Forma Tadre) and others.

The group’s success has given them considerable attention, formulating a great interest in their production and songwriting abilities. Vince has worked with the Australian synth-pop band, Paradoxx. Isaac, an audio engineer by trade, has worked in studios around the world. He recently opened the Cesium_137 studio, Subversive Sound to the public. Some of the prominent clients include the house-electro act, Phenotract, Tone Generation and fellow Metropolis artist, Dismantled. Isaac has also established himself as a remixer in the electro-industrial community.

With a variety of tools at his disposal, Isaac never leaves the studio without his TubePre. He said, "PreSonus gear is the heart of my on-site recording rig and my home studio. The sturdy housing of these devices has withstood the constant trips between our studios—and while we are working on the road--with amazing resiliency." He added, "I feel that the PreSonus TubePre gives a tremendous warmth to our synths, as well as my voice. The clarity of tone is nothing short of stunning and can often add a more tangible quality to some of our colder sounding samples and synthesizers."

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