Seattle-based Candlebox got its start in 1991 and grabbed the national spotlight two years later with its first album, Candlebox, which rocketed to number 7 on the charts and sold over 4 million copies. Their followup album, Lucy, went gold in 1996. By then, the band had discovered PreSonus products, starting with the ACP8™ compressor, which lead singer Kevin Martin describes as “a great little tool for recording live, all sorts of fun stuff.”

After three studio albums and several personnel changes, Candlebox broke up, but the story was far from over. After seven years, cofounders Kevin Martin (vocals), Peter Klett (guitar), and Scott Mercado (drums) reunited, adding rhythm guitarist Sean Hennesey. The band went through a few bass players; Adam Kury now supplies the bottom. Candlebox is touring this summer of 2009 and is planning another album for release in 2010. Their current CD, released in 2008, is Into the Sun (SLG/ILG).

Much changed over the years, but Candlebox’s love of PreSonus products has continued. Martin, Klett, and Mercado use the DigiMax 96k™ 8-channel preamp in their home studios. According to Martin, the DigiMax 96k has “unbelievable mic pre’s, very generous and forgiving, and at the same time great for studio recording.”

Front-of-house engineer Russ Giroux (who also mixes Chickenfoot, featuring PreSonus artist-endorsee Sammy Hagar) also appreciates PreSonus gear. Candlebox is recording every show of its 2009 summer tour, and they chose the PreSonus FireStudio Lightpipe™ as their recording interface. Giroux records 32 tracks from the band’s Yamaha M7 mixer, through the FireStudio Lightpipe, and into a Mac running Apple Logic software. Giroux likes the fact that he can use the recorded tracks from earlier shows on the tour to do a virtual soundcheck for subsequent tours.

Martin, Klett, and Mercado appreciate the FireStudio Lightpipe, as well. The FireStudio Lightpipe is an “amazing unit,” says Martin. “We take it home, we mix on it in my studio, Pete’s studio, or Scott’s studio. Great stuff.”