Take one hard-rockin' drummer and tech-savvy producer who learned dedication to music, self-discipline, and hard work from a talented father who was a Grammy-nominated producer in his own right. Add one singer/songwriter with potent voice who was also born into a musical family, plays guitar and keyboards, started performing at age 16, and worked her way up through the School of Hard Knocks —coffee houses, small clubs, wherever people would listen. Mix these ingredients in the blue-collar, snow-belt crucible of Buffalo, New York. Flavor with '80s pop, hard rock, and funk. Add a solid dose of Eurythmics influence. Shake – don't stir – because we're talking serious groove. The delicious results of this recipe: Breakerbox, featuring Scott Calandra and Christina DeNee'.

Calandra and DeNee's music may have plenty of distorted guitar but you can always rely on hearing a clear, crisp mix. One factor, according to Calandra, is their use of PreSonus recording interfaces: two networked FireBoxes and a FirePod. "The preamps are solid and super-clean," says Calandra." Also, we run the S/PDIF output from our FirePods to the S/PDIF input of our PreSonus Central Station, and the conversion is simply amazing!" Breakerbox uses the Central Station with the CSR remote control and combines it with an HP4 headphone system to get loud, clean monitoring and headphone mixes. "We love the monitoring options and the supreme clarity of the Central Station," Calandra enthuses.

Breakerbox spends a lot of time on tour, working up and down the East Coast, as well as gigging extensively in New York City, and their FirePods and FireBox go on tour with them. "We use the FirePods and FireBox live to run our backing tracks and loops from our laptop," Calandra explains. "I love the stability of the PreSonus equipment. We have no issues with it, whether we are in the studio or on the road. PreSonus gear in general has never let us down in any venue or studio setting. In fact, all of the PreSonus products are built like a tank!"

Without a doubt, Calandra is a confirmed PreSonus fan. "This company has something for every musician and producer," he says. "The price point is extremely affordable and pretty much a steal for the quality you're getting."

The feeling is mutual: Breakerbox has earned fans at PreSonus, too. This writer keeps coming back to "Nobody Gets Me" but we might have to reconsider our faves soon because as of this writing, Breakerbox is in the studio producing a new album that will debut on iTunes on May 15, 2011. Not only that, they've agreed to share an advance clip with us, which is posted along with this story. Check it out!

For more comments from Scott Calandra about PreSonus and some cool video of Breakerbox in the studio, check out this short promotional video.

Sound Samples

  • Summertime-Breakerbox