Brandon Scott

Seattle singer-songwriter and worship leader Brandon Scott is one of PreSonus’ most vocal advocates. His passion for his craft often blurs with his passion for the product, to the point where he is occasionally asked if he is an official representative of the company. He isn’t, but he is proud to wear PreSonus on his sleeve, figuratively and literally.

Scott is a lifelong musician whose work has found a home among audiences both spiritual and secular. While a regular of the regional coffeehouse circuit, Scott received second place in the Washington State Christian Talent Competition in 2011, and he currently leads worship services at the Timberlake Church in Issaquah, Washington. His solo EP Love Songs, a contemporary, largely acoustic affair dedicated to his wife, is due for release in the summer of 2013.

PreSonus hardware and software have had a part in all of these projects. “I currently own and use the FireStudio Mobile, the AudioBox 1818VSL, and Studio One Professional 2.5,” Scott says. “I love them! I use my interfaces live and in my home studio. While I find use for the AudioBox 1818VSL in the studio, its main application is for my live monitor rig. I keep my handy FireStudio permanently wired up in the studio so I can always plug in and go!

“The AudioBox allows me to have zero-latency monitoring while performing live,” Scott continues. “I simultaneously run the dry signals to front-of-house. It makes for a perfect monitoring solution every time! The FireStudio generally stays in the studio. The preamps in both interfaces are so clean, warm and punchy!”

Having warmed up to PreSonus via his interfaces, Scott eventually made the switch to PreSonus Studio One Professional 2 as his DAW of choice. “I switched to Studio One about two years ago, starting with Studio One Artist,” Scott recalls. “I loved the functionality of the software, especially how easy it was to get creative juices flowing while working with loops. The million-dollar decision came when I really began to hear the clarity and punch of my recordings. I can literally hear every dB of fader move I make. While I work with a lot of third-party plug-ins, the fact is the PreSonus effects sound amazing. I get pro recordings by making the right decisions when miking, and Studio One does the rest.

“Another big reason why I changed is price,” Scott continues. “You can’t beat it, and you get free updates! You won’t see that with Pro Tools or Logic! I was sick of always having to upgrade interfaces or feeling strong-armed into upgrading by the other companies out there. Once I discovered Studio One, I haven’t turned back.

Scott continues to assert his unofficial status as one of PreSonus’ most vocal advocates by sharing some workflow favorites. “The features I like most include Melodyne integration, Track Transform, and the stem export function. I use Melodyne to pitch correct any audio track: vocals, guitars, anything. I wind up using Melodyne on other people’s projects more than my own, of course!

“Exporting stems has been great for taking my studio tracks to the live environment with no hassle,” Scott says. “I frequently find myself using the Transform Track to Audio feature—I love how I can capture a great MIDI performance from my awesome drummer, Dylann Heffner, and then find the kit and tone I like in Impact, and bam! I transform it into separate tracks as if I had recorded the whole kit. That blows people away when they watch me work!

“When I was mixing a friend’s EP last summer, they had these demands like adding delay effects to a certain part of the vocal or on a particular guitar section,” Scott recalls. “So, I brought up the Event FX panel and rendered it. It was so fast they were like, ‘Whoa, whoa, what did you just do, how did you do that? You didn’t even set up another aux!’ I said, ‘Nope, only in Studio One can you do this kind of awesome stuff!’ Everyone who has heard their album says it sounds good and has punch and clarity.”

Studio One has also found its way into Scott’s live rig. “I like how I can just use a one-button foot controller to play my entire worship set or live show,” Scott states. “The marker stop function is great for talking to the audience! Then push one button, and the next track starts. It’s great for working with full arrangements.”

In case you hadn’t already guessed, Scott is sold on PreSonus and plans to stick with the brand for a long time to come. “Without PreSonus and Studio One, my music wouldn’t be where it is today. I owe it all to this company for producing high-quality gear and software, and their support team is one of the best out there. They always get back with me in a good timeframe. You will not find that with others, trust me. I’ve never gotten it with Avid. It just shows that PreSonus is about the musician, not just their money.

“And did I mention how great-looking the gear is? I could look at my gear all day, if I didn’t have all this music to get done.”

Sound Samples

  • Brandon Scott-Closer To You