Bella Morte

Bella Morte was formed in 1996 by Andy Deane and Gopal Metro. In same year, the duo churned out Remorse, a cassette-only EP. During the following year, the young band went on to win the “Virginia Battle of the Bands” and used the proceeds to record their first full-length album, Remains. In 1998, Bella Morte released their second album, Where Shadows Lie. It was originally released on their independent label and picked up in 2000 by Cleopatra Records.

2001 was another big year for the up-and-coming act. Howitzer Records released Bella Morte's Death Rock EP, which featured previously unreleased material. Bella Morte also hit the road during that year with the Cruxshadows, for a staggering 53-date U.S. tour. Shortly thereafter, Bella Morte re-released their first two albums and their first EP on their own independent label. In 2002, they gained the attention of Metropolis Records, who subsequently released The Quiet.

Their next creation, As the Reasons Die blended heavy guitars, electronic percussion and dark synth lines to create something entirely their own. The album displays the many facets of their sound, while seamlessly integrating diverse elements into one coherent format. On that album, keyboardist, Micah Consylman made use of the BlueTube. He said, “As a keyboardist in an electronic rock band, I often find that I need a way to record or resample many of my synths, so that they cut through a guitar-heavy mix. The first preamp I reach for is my BlueTube. It warms up a cold, digital sound, while maintaining total sonic clarity – and it's small enough to take anywhere.”

Bella Morte recently began using the Eureka on their forthcoming album. Micah said, “After having access to any mic and preamp combination possible, recording our last two albums, I thought that I wouldn't ever want to use any preamp under two grand – especially one that is also a full channel strip. But then I heard the Eureka and now it looks like the Eureka may be all over our upcoming album. The Eureka has a clean and full sound. It is very low noise, packed full of features and connectivity. It's perfect for vocals, miked instruments and mono electronics.”

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Sound Samples

  • Another Way

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