Arun Shenoy

Flamenco guitar blends with Celtic violin, Latin percussion, and rock bass and drums—it sounds like an Arun Shenoy production. Then again, an alternative/hard rock sound with driving guitar and strong vocals could be a Shenoy production, too.

A versatile Singapore-based songwriter and record producer of Indian origin, Shenoy’s first major production was vocalist Tanadra’s eponymous 2010 EP release, which displayed his hard-rock production chops. The music video for the lead track, “Danny,” won Ourstage’s Hard Rock Music Video contest. Thinking globally, as usual, Shenoy produced the New York City-based Tanadra backed by a powerful rock band composed of top session players from New York, London, and Singapore.

Later in the same year, Shenoy did something totally different, releasing Sol, a solo production that featured music from Rhythm of the Sun, his world-fusion project. Cue the flamenco guitar, Celtic violins, etc. A followup Rhythm of the Sun album is scheduled for release in late 2011. Meanwhile, he put together a new alternative/modern rock band, Sage, which debuted in the summer of 2011. Shenoy is featured on guitar, in addition to coproducing.

On the business side, Arun Shenoy Music Publishing not only handles music publishing but also production, recording, and promotion for Shenoy’s projects and other artists. A new distribution platform launched in the summer of 2011.

In December 2012, we learned that Shenoy's record Rumbadoodle was nominated for a Grammy Award! The PreSonus team congratulates him on this fantastic achievement.

With his passion for great sound and need for products that can serve a wide variety of musical projects, it should come as no surprise that Shenoy depends on PreSonus for his recording interface. “I have been using the PreSonus FP10 recording system for the past few years,” Shenoy observes. “I use it extensively for recording, primarily for bass and guitar tracks. I love the superb sound quality of the A/D and D/A converters, and the FP10’s design makes it easy to plug in and record in a full band situation. And of course the near-zero latency while recording is crucial.”

Shenoy recently stepped up to the FireStudio Project audio interface. “The advanced features of the newer FireStudio Project make it more versatile than the FP-10 for full-band live recording,” he notes, “while simultaneously routing to the front-of-house mixer, using the zero-latency cue mixes.”

The FireStudio Mobile is also high on Shenoy’s “want” list for situations where he doesn't need to multitrack a full band. “I have been a studio-based composer/producer for the longest time but have now moved into live performance with my new band Sage,” says Shenoy. “I intend to use a laptop-based solution to bring all the same instruments and guitar effects to the stage and to use live loops, prerecorded backing tracks, and live keyboard work, so my audio interface is going to be crucial. I’m going to rely on the FireStudio Mobile as part of my live rig to make this all happen.”

Why the FireStudio Mobile? “I like the 10-input, 6-output capabilities of the FireStudio Mobile; true 48V phantom power, even on laptop bus power; and of course the versatility, such as the ability to run on bus power in field applications,” he explains. “The latter will make it convenient to use the FireStudio Mobile on the go.”

Shenoy also plans to invest in a PreSonus Studio Channel, a channel strip with tube preamp “which,” he says, “I intend to use to enhance the bass and Sage’s vocal recordings.”

With his broad musical range and smooth, polished production style, it’s no surprise that Arun Shenoy demands PreSonus quality now and for the future. Keep an ear open for his new projects—and if you’re ever in Singapore, and you want to make a PreSonus-powered recording, give him a call.

Sound Samples

  • Arun Shenoy - Danny