Abel "The Kid" Garcia

Madrid’s Abel “The Kid” Garcia earned his nickname by starting out in the DJ world at the age of ten. Thanks to a tenacious commitment to good old-fashioned daily practice, he’s now a globetrotting powerhouse EDM DJ and producer. Throughout his DJ career, Garcia has toured internationally, making habitual appearances at the most notable venues of the EDM scene, including Privilege Ibiza, Ushuaia, Pacha, and Arkadia Miami. Perhaps most notable is his impressive eight-year residency at Fabrik Madrid, in Spain’s capital city.

To date, Garcia has released singles under Subliminal Records, Strictly Rhythm, and Synergy Recordings, including the hit track “Zumba Socks,” which placed at #1 on Shortly thereafter, a deal with Warner Music found him collaborating with Snoop Dogg and Julio Iglesias Jr., bringing his music to a decidedly mainstream audience.

Studio One® Professional 2 and the FaderPort have both found a home in Garcia’s studio, and he relies on them to create his driving, uplifting compositions. “The FaderPort is the best tool I have used with a DAW,” he asserts. “Its integration with Studio One is perfect, and its small size and ease of use make it essential when composing.

“I use Studio One for nearly everything: recording vocals and instruments, composing, producing, and remixing,” Garcia continues. “The speed of the program is amazing but what I really love about Studio One is its ability to handle any situation.”

Abel The Kid's Studio One Transform effect.Given his music’s heavy focus on groove, finding a DAW that worked well with samples and loops was of paramount importance. “For electronic music, using loops and audio samples is essential,” he notes. “It is important that these samples are synchronized to the BPM of the song. In Studio One, this is accomplished seamlessly! I also love being able to navigate my MIDI files in the browser. It allows me to audition my favorite instruments directly, without stopping the beat. I don’t even have to drag the MIDI into the Edit window to hear it in context!”

While many top producers play their cards close to the chest, Garcia is willing to share a production tip. “My favorite trick, which I use every minute in Studio One is to do a ‘transform’ effect on vocals using the Split to Grid function,” he says. “I set the grid to 1/16, which allows Split to Grid to chop the vocal into individual slices. I then shorten them, creating the effect quickly and easily. Next, I group-select the shortened audio parts and bounce them to a single event. Finally, I complete the effect by applying compression, delay, and reverb to the bounced event."

Sound Samples

  • Abel the Kid - My Love