Aaron Sprinkle

Aaron Sprinkle is an established songwriter, engineer and producer. He began working on music around the age of ten and later played in the band, Poor Old Lu. After several years together, Aaron went on to develop solo material. At the same time, his technical prowess increased, as he worked with more and more artists in the studio.

He now works out of Compound Recording in Seattle, producing for Tooth & Nail, BEC and others. Some of his credits include Kutless, Jeremy Camp, Telecast, TFK, Seventh Day Slumber, Anberlin and Falling Up. Aaron works quite closely with notable engineer, J.R. McNeely (Audio Adrenaline, Kevin Max, Rebecca St. James, et al).

Compound Recording is always a very active environment, as they serve a relentless stream of clients. The facility sports a Solid State Logic console, two ProTools HD systems and a formidable array of outboard gear. When it really counts, Aaron makes use of equipment from PreSonus.

He said, "At the studio, we have an M80, a DigiMax 96, a Eureka, two Central Stations and the remotes. We love them all. We've been using the M80 for years. It gets used all of the time for guitars. The DigiMax 96 gets used on drums a lot. Lately, we've been using the Eureka on vocals and bass. It sounds really amazing."

Over the years, Aaron has proven that he knows how to make artists sound incredible. He trusts PreSonus preamps in key roles, on some of his biggest projects. He said, "All of the lead vocals on the new Kutless record were done with the Eureka. All of the drums on that and the new Seventh Day Slumber were cut with the DigiMax 96."

He went on to say, "We recently got two Central Stations and we have one in each of our rooms. I use NS-10s most of the time. I have those on output A and have a sub on output C, so I can add that in if I need it. The Central Station is so transparent sounding and makes monitor switching fast and easy. It's such a great product."

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