Aaron Crider

Aaron Crider started playing music for fun at age 7, and he got serious about it when he was 14. He was bound to be a rock star—or so he thought. Then, his world changed forever. At age 16, he journeyed to Pensacola and unexpectedly experienced a deep spiritual enlightenment. Since then, his faith has been challenged by personal tragedy, but that has only deepened his conviction. He knows that his mission is to dedicate himself to Christian worship and to leading others to worship through music.

Crider maintains an intensive touring schedule, traveling around the South, Midwest, and Northeast. And wherever he goes, he takes his PreSonus FireStudio, DigiMax FS, and Eureka so he can multitrack-record his live shows and record new song ideas in his hotel room—or back home, in his personal studio.

“I chose all of these products for two reasons,” Crider explains. “First, they deliver great, clean sound. And second, they are user friendly, without compromising quality. With PreSonus gear, I can get quality tracks wherever I am.”

On tour and in the studio, Crider uses the Eureka to process his vocals. “I love the Eureka’s built-in EQ,” he says. “Sometimes when I play smaller venues, the house gear can be lacking. But I can always dial in a sweet vocal sound with the Eureka.”

Crider also relies on his FireStudio and DigiMax. “I love the drum sounds we were able to get with them,” he enthuses. “On my live album, we tracked the drums with the FireStudio and DigiMax, and they sound great!”

In addition to recording live shows and working in his personal studio, Crider recorded with producer/engineer Stephen Leiweke at Yackland Studio in Nashville. “We used a PreSonus Central Station for monitoring and talkback on all of the songs, and we used the Eureka for vocal tracks,” Crider comments. “Steve Leiweke at Yackland Studio uses the Central Station for all of his projects.”

Aaron Crider is a man on a mission. And PreSonus gear is with him every step of the way. Why PreSonus? Crider answers that with two words: “Quality and simplicity.”

Sound Samples

  • Aaron Crider - Bless Your Name

  • Aaron Crider - One Child Matters